Well I am currently a sophomore going to La canada highschool (no la Canada is NOT in canada, its in california). I am a pretty good student with pretty decent grades I play tennis, cello, and piano and I love doing all three of them. I like to take leadership roles only when they are willingly given to me, and I have a terrible short term memory. I love inteligent arguements and i am known for being stuborn.

As for pokemon I played pearl growing up and although I lost it I now play platinum. I got into competitive pokemon when I got black2, and since I did not get black or white I wanted to look up which pokemon were garbage (some quite litterally). Then I discovered this website and researched about pokemon relentlessly. After that I discovered that there was a simulator and after that I was hooked. My favorite part of pokemon would have to be making new teams. Besides that I have only one last thing to say... focus blast sucks.
Provo Utah
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Highly curious


Although we don't like to admit it, we all have our favorite thing that causes us to sit on the toilet for longer than we should